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Chamada para a rede fixa nacional


Os nossos imóveis são,  alguns de utilidade pública, outros de famílias reconhecidas que depositaram em nós a sua total confiança , a grande maioria da indústria hoteleira, outros provêm de fundos de investimento, muitos vem de imobiliárias que trabalham connosco e muito nos honram.

Por todos esses motivos não estão expostos .

Trabalhamos em listas fechadas e só depois de falarmos com os nossos clientes por video conferência é que passamos o link do produto .


About Portugal


Portugal is part of the Schengen area, it is a country of mild customs, good gastronomy, smooth climate, which offers excellent quality of life to foreigners by the price quality ratio, of homes, telecommunications, health services, and leisure, in relation to their country of origin. Portugal has a modern health system, with a vast network of public and private hospitals covering its territory, as well as excellent clinics.

The European Health Charter gives you access to the National Portuguese Health Service.
Portugal is also a country without problems in matters of national security, which provides its residents or visitors tranquility and guarantee of peace
Portugal is a country with a great diversity of landscapes: such as Minho, Douro, Beiras, Ribatejo, Alentejo, and the Algarve.

It is a country with strong environmental concern, has a strong wind farm and invests in renewable energies. In its territory there are 1 national park of Peneda Geres, plus 13 natural parks, 9 more nature reserves and other protected areas.

Portugal is a historical country and has a vast architectural heritage, being some of the historical centres of their cities world´s heritage, such as Évora, Porto, Guimarães , Angra do Heroísmo in Azores, and others.
Portugal has a wide offer in its traditional street trade in the urban centers of its cities and towns, without bleaching the supply, it still has in the large areas that are implemented throughout its national territory.
The climate in Portugal is mild, without major weather changes, winters are not harsh and summers are very pleasant, which allows an outdoor life and experience in cottages or beaches.

In Portugal, because it is a country of emigrants, there are many people speaking French and German.
The young people by virtue of their academic background already many of them speak English, as well as Spanish .

Portugal has a modern infrastructure of communications by internet, and mobiles.
Portugal has 4 international airports in its territory plus those of its islands of Madeira and Azores.
The Portuguese Airlines are Tap Air Portugal, Sata Air Azores , Portugalia Air Lines.
Portugal has a modern transport network, and subway in the main cities.
And a railway axis, from north to south and from east to west.
As well as road transport connecting the main cities and urban and peripheral centers.
It has a wide range of taxis and Ubers and also with rent-a-car system.
It also has a modern network of highways from north to south of the country, and secondary roads in good conditions.

The currency is the Euro.
The Portuguese banking system is modern and integrated into the European banking system.
The whole Country has coverage of MB / Euronet / Mbway / Westerunion.

Portugal is a few kilometres from the old border with Spain.
Portugal bathed to the west by the Atlantic, which allows it an extensive area of beach from north to south, in turn, has its northern border, glued to Spain, namely Galicia, and on the other side , the easte side has again Spain, from which originate virtually all rivers.
To the south, it is bathed is by the Mediterranean, where the waters are warmer.


“Deixe Tudo connosco!”